How to manage personnel policy in sports clubs?

How to manage personnel policy in sports clubs?

Among other things, we sought answers to these questions during the 4th session of the 3rd edition of the Legia Sport Business Programme. At the meeting in the Legia Training Center, distinguished experts from Legia Warsaw organization and a guest from the European Club Association engaged participants in an inspiring discussion on how to effectively reconcile different projects and the professionals associated with them.

Marcin Sobczyk, who leads the People & Culture area in all Legia Warsaw universe organizations, began with his presentation. As an experienced manager and empathetic leader, Marcin talked about designing one’s career path in professional sports and successfully applying for dream positions.

Raoul Tondini, HR Director at ECA, discussed the dynamic growth of employment in his organization and how to ensure the development and integration of a team composed of representatives of six nationalities collectively speaking twelve languages.

Can one rise from the bottom and return to the top? The cinematic story of Legia KOSZ was recounted by the President of the Board in that organization, Jarosław Jankowski, who, when asked whether it’s worth entering the sports industry, bearing huge personal and emotional costs, answered clearly: IT’S WORTH IT! No other field provides such emotions and a sense of satisfaction when the desired success is achieved.

Marcin Harasimowicz talked about the overseas expansion of Legia Soccer Schools. Our project of sports classes for children and youth is already present in the USA, and soon a location will be opened in Australia.

Michał Szewc presented an exceptional strategy for building a new tennis identity in our organization as Managing Director of Legia Tennis & Golf, responsible for the rapid increase in the indicators of this institution.

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