We did it! Legia Sport Business Day, an open day of the fourth edition of the Legia Sport Business Programme at Legia Training Center was successfuly deliver. This exceptional event attracted over 40 participants who were present on-site or joined online. Tomasz

What are the differences between “Football rules” and “Laws of the Game”? Participants of the 5th session of the 3rd edition of the Legia Sport Business Programme already know this. During the meeting at the Legia Warsaw Stadium in the exceptional space

Among other things, we sought answers to these questions during the 4th session of the 3rd edition of the Legia Sport Business Programme. At the meeting in the Legia Training Center, distinguished experts from Legia Warsaw organization and a guest from the

As part of the Legia Sport Business Programme, we offer participants the opportunity to undergo special internships during Legia Warszawa match day to show how we apply the concepts and methodologies we discuss in practice. Piotr Tabiś agreed to share his impressions

How can the Legia Sport Business Programme help you make your dream of working in the management of professional sports come true? How do we combine the latest theoretical concepts with practice within the Legia Warszawa methodology? Sign up for the open


Can Fan Engagement be a starting point for a successful career in sports management? Do passion and work have to be two separate planes, or can they be combined into one project? We try to respond to these challenges within LSBP, which

How many licenses do you have to take care of to deploy a world-best-selling football gaming franchise?  How to globalize and localize the gaming experience? How can a regular sport gain new fans by embracing the gaming industry? These are only a

Courtesy of the European Club Association Legia Sport Business Programme brought an exclusive webinar on Matchday management and preparation at Newcastle United FC on 24/01/24. The participants were given a unique opportunity to listen to Matt Willis, NUFC Support Liaison Officer and

Legia Sport Business Programme is all about connecting people and creating unique opportunities for networking and gaining new skills. This is why in December we decided that we will supply the 2nd session of this year’s edition with an invitation for all

The third edition of the Legia Sport Business Program kicked off on Saturday, 12th of November 2023.  The participants of the program began their adventure with knowledge provided by practitioners from the sports industry in the unique destination of The Box at