From Spectator to Participant

From Spectator to Participant

As part of the Legia Sport Business Programme, we offer participants the opportunity to undergo special internships during Legia Warszawa match day to show how we apply the concepts and methodologies we discuss in practice. Piotr Tabiś agreed to share his impressions from the unique match Legia – Molde FK in the Europa Conference League.

Every sports enthusiast dreams of experiencing a major sporting event from the inside. The locker room atmosphere, pre-match fever, post-goal euphoria – all of this lies beyond the curtain of televised coverage. Promotional materials featuring locker room footage and sports arenas are breaking popularity records, as evidenced by the viewership of football locker room vlogs or sports documentaries such as “Formula 1: Drive to Survive”, “Legia: Until the End”, or “First Team: Juventus”.

However, the Legia Sport Business Programme offers more than just peeking through the keyhole. Participation in the program is a real opportunity to engage in preparations, face real challenges, and experience the emotions associated with organizing football matches

As a participant in the Legia Sport Business Programme, I had the pleasure of uncovering the secrets of the organization, responding to crisis situations, and summarizing the course of the European Conference League match against Molde FOTBALLKLUBB. It’s more than just a sport – it’s a story of people who strive for perfection every day, creating a unique atmosphere around this legendary team. 

From the very first moment of participation in this event, one can feel that professionalism must be at the highest level throughout Legia Warsaw, from the marketing department, through organization and security, to product exposure in the FunStore. It’s not just a regular sporting event – it’s a spectacle which script is written not only on the field but also behind the scenes, where the essence of Legia lies. 

My experience with organizing the cup match is just the tip of the iceberg, showing how the Legia Sport Business Programme becomes a gateway to understanding the secrets that drive this organization to success. It’s a story of individuals such as Marcin Herra, Kinga Święcicka, Aleksandra Kalinowska, Bernadetta Nalewajek, Izabela Kruk, and many others, whose dedication and commitment make Legia not just a club, but a way of life. 

Legia Warsaw is not just a team – it’s a community that strives for victory together but also learns from defeats together. Although the result on the field may vary, the standard of organization at Legia remains constant – a level admired not only by the Ekstraklasa but also by many clubs and organizations across Europe. 

The Legia Sport Business Programme is about more than just sport – it’s about building a community, developing character, and achieving common goals. It’s participation in something exceptional that not only adds energy but also inspires, educates, and enables development in every aspect necessary for working in sports. 

I am thrilled at the thought of future collaboration and participation in such exciting events. It’s just the beginning, opening doors to countless opportunities offered by the Legia Sport Business Programme, which I wholeheartedly recommend to all current and future sports managers. 

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