CSR in the professional sports industry

CSR in the professional sports industry

What are the differences between “Football rules” and “Laws of the Game”? Participants of the 5th session of the 3rd edition of the Legia Sport Business Programme already know this.

During the meeting at the Legia Warsaw Stadium in the exceptional space of The Box, Lukas Brud representing IFAB told them about it.

On the other hand, Jakub (Kuba) Laskowski, who immersed everyone in fascinating analyses of difficult cases in European football from recent years, pointed out what “sports law” is and what position it occupies in legislative reality.

Sara Williams, who deals with training projects for club personnel at the European Club Association (ECA) on a daily basis, spoke about the importance of education for the development of future female leaders and leaders.

Supporting the Legia Sport Business Programme that day, ECA also provided invaluable tips for implementing sustainable development policy, which Gaia Pretner and Carolina Komel talked about interestingly.

About social engagement in sports and how each of us can join in positive change, President of the Legia Foundation, Anna Mioduska, spoke, while Mateusz Widłak inspired the audience with the story of AMP Futbol Polska.

If you want to learn from the best and get to know solutions already used today in leading clubs, join the recruitment for the 4th edition of LSBP.

We’re starting in October, and the Legia Sport Business Day is already on April 28th.