Insights from Newcastle United FC – webinar on 24/01/24

Insights from Newcastle United FC – webinar on 24/01/24

Courtesy of the European Club Association Legia Sport Business Programme brought an exclusive webinar on Matchday management and preparation at Newcastle United FC on 24/01/24. The participants were given a unique opportunity to listen to Matt Willis, NUFC Support Liaison Officer and learn from his experiences.

The webinar was delivered for the participants of the 3rd edition of LSBP but we secured also 10 seats for our future students. During the session, Matt discussed the preparation for domestic and UEFA games both for home and away options. Many insights were shared and there was room for several questions from the audience.

About Matt

Matt has been with Newcastle United for a year following 3 years of working with Football Supporters Europe. Matt’s key roles are based on matchday operations concerning supporters, engagement with supporters and looking to aid their experience in line with their safety and security. 

This involves key relationships with stakeholders at opposing clubs, police and local authorities. 

Matt has experience working across Europe in different dynamics around the preparation of Football fixtures.

Newcastle United is one of the biggest UK clubs with four league titles and six FA Cups. 

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