December 2023 with LSBP

December 2023 with LSBP

Legia Sport Business Programme is all about connecting people and creating unique opportunities for networking and gaining new skills. This is why in December we decided that we will supply the 2nd session of this year’s edition with an invitation for all participants to join Legia Warszawa staff for our Xmas party.

First, we met on 4th December at Legia Stadium’s Business Club unique destination to spend a great time with all the employees of different organizations that create together Legia Warsawa Universe. The owner and CEO of the club, Dariusz Mioduski thanked everyone for this year of hard efforts that brought so many different successes and made us stronger.

Then we had a wonderful time with dancing, singing carols, eating healthy food and cheering together.

It was a great time but we were still before the closing session of 2023. We met again on 17th December at the stadium to learn more about the match-day operations. We decided that a topic dedicated to the actual operations can be served best in the hearth of the action – Media Center with its Conference Room.

Our prominent speakers: Kris Szumowski joined us on telco directly from Jedah from FIFA Club World Cup 2023, while Marcin Stefański (Ekstraklasa SA) came to Ł3 to share insights about how the top sports competitions are successfully delivered.

Other sports events go even further. Tomasz ZahorskiLegia Training Center CEO and Legia Sport Business Programme leader answered all the questions from the audience about the operations delivery in LTC.

Last but not least, Adam Pawlak led the group for a unique stadium tour to watch the last minutes before the match Legia Warszawa S.A. vs Cracovia from behind the scenes. It was a great time with a lot of valuable networking.

If you want to join us for this or the next edition, learn about the recruitment process now using the APPLY tab.